The Depth Ray Liquid Level System is the most advanced tank level system available for tank truck industry! 

The system was developed for tank truck and trailer operations, temporary and permanent storage tanks.  It's unique design and features have  proven it to be effective in the liquid waste industry  in the most difficult applications. 


The Depth Ray System does not require floats, rods or interior components and it is not affected by rags, hair, strings, grease or other debris. 

Installation is simple: 

  • NO CONFINED SPACE ENTRY, all necessary work is performed on the exterior of the tank. A 2” threaded full coupling is welded in the top of the tank.
  • TWIST LOCK CONNECTIONS, three simple, no question connectors.
  • WEATHER PROOF DISPLAY ENCLOSURE, rust and corrosion proof.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY, Indicates choice of gallons, barrels, inches, imperial gallons at ¼” increments.
  • TWO RELAY POINTS, can control lights, alarms, pumps and valves.
  • LOW POWER DEMAND, 12 Volts, 0.03 Amps
  • READS TO WITHIN 3’’ OF FULL IN ¼” Increments, depending on mounting height.
  • D.O.T. AND NON-DOT TANKS, exceeds Department of Transportation reqirements for MC407 / 412 tanks.

Made in North America 

Available from Distributor, Original Equipment Manufacturers.

For more information the contact the manufacturer of the system:  Phone: 800-220-2052

 One year limited warrantee on Parts and Operation. Refer to the Depth Ray manual for details.

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